Elaine Charton has her own unique website guardian; Miss Lucy the cat. Ms. Charton is the author of romantic suspense and paranormal romantic suspense.  According to Miss Lucy; Elaine hails from a family of five brothers. She has also been with her “mate” for over twenty years in which things are never dull or boring; a promise he made when he proposed to her in which he has never broken.  She has been an avid reader since an early age. Where she often rewrote the endings of the stories to make a happy ending, eventually she began to write her own stories. 

Wow! What a great book. Action, romance, cute kids, all that is missing is the puppy. The characters are well honed and pull you into their story to ride along for one heck of an adventure. The storyline just races along, making you try to turn the pages faster. I totally enjoyed this story and all it had to offer and I am sure many other readers as well. Wonderfully done, Ms. Charton. 

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