Well…I love Paranormal. I am not sure why exactly. Maybe because the heroes are usually werewolves, vampires, demons, etc. They are the cream of the crop when it comes to being the “bad boys”. And most red blooded woman LOVES or at least LUSTS after a bad boy at one point in their life? Here are some of my favorite books.

The first paranormal series that caught my eye was Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter series. Ironically, I had never heard of her Hunter series when I bought the first book in the series. I saw her book Fantasy Lover. After reading it, I immediately went and found her website so I could buy some more and that is when I found out about her Hunter series. I have been hooked ever since. 

Fantasy Lover (Julian & Grace)

#1 Night Pleasures (Kyrian & Amanda)

#1-3 Dark Hunter Boxed Set (First 3 Novels)

#1-2 Night Pleasures & Night Embrace (First 2 Novels)

#1 Night Pleasures Hardback (Kyrian & Amanda)

#1-5 Boxed Set (First 5 Novels)

#2 Night Embrace (Talon & Sunshine)

#2 Night Embrace Hardback (Talon & Sunshine)

#3 Dance With The Devil (Zarek & Astrid)

#4 Kiss of the Night (Wulf & Cassandra)

#5 Night Play (Vane & Bride)

#6 Seize the Night (Valerius & Tabitha)

#7 Sins of the Night (Alexion & Danger)

#8 Unleash the Night (Wren & Maggie)

#9 Dark Side of the Moon (Ravyn & Susan)

#10 The Dream-Hunter (Arik & Geary)

#11 Fear The Darkness (Nick)

#12 Upon the Midnight Clear (Aidan & Leta)

#13 Devil May Cry (Sin & Kat)

#14 Dream Chaser (Xypher & Simone)

#15 Acheron (Ash & Tory)

#16 One Silent Night (Stryker & Zephyra)

#17 Dream Warrior (Jericho & Delphine)

#18 Bad Moon Rising (Fang & Aimee)

#18 Bad Moon Rising Collector’s Edition (Fang & Aimee)

#19 No Mercy (Dev & Sam)
  Related Books
The Begining (Acheron)
Midnight Pleasures (V’Aidan & Erin)
Dark-Hunter Christmas (Gallagher)
Stroke of Midnight (Dante & Pandora)
Second Chances (Acheron)
Love at First Bite (Velkan & Retta)
My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding (Rafael & Celena)
The Dark-Hunter Companion
Blood Lite (Zeke: Hellchaser)
Dead After Dark (Fury & Lia)
The Dark Hunters Vol. 1 (Kyrian)
The Dark Hunters Vol. 2 (Kyrian)
Dragonswan (story found in In Other Worlds anthology)
In Other Worlds
The Dark Hunters Vol. 3 (Talon)
The Dark Hunters Vol. 4 (Talon)

For more information about Sherrilyn’s novels or about the author herself, check out her website: http://www.sherrilynkenyon.com/

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