Once the little girls finally put away their dolls and plastic tiaras, they turn to makeup, boys, and clothes. Now teenagers, they are no longer content to watch princess cartoons, instead they want to see real-life actors acting out the fairly tales. They think they are above such frivolities of make-believe and dress-up. One thing they don’t do away with, however, is their love for a good romance story.  If anything, they cling to dreams of true love and happily ever after even more. 

All you have to do is look at the recent clamor over Stephenie Meryer’s, Twilight to see that I am right.  Teen girls all over the world are frothing at the mouth over the vampire Edward and his human love, Bella.  Why?  Because it has everything, adversity, true love and a hot, alpha male. 

While I didn’t have Twilight while I was growing up, I did have my mother’s treasure trove of romance novels.  The very first one I read was Shanna by Katleen Woodiwiss.  I was instantly hooked and have never turned back. 

I would love to hear from all the readers and writers out there what their first romance read was.  I will pick one comment at random for a free PDF download of one of my books

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