We will be talking to her for a few days, Feel Free to ask any questions or give comments!


Tell us about your books:

All my stories deal with the environment or
animals, my passion. 



How do you get your stories?

Most of ideas come through dreams. I dream sitcoms. I will watch a sitcom
and dream up an episode that is more interesting to me. Many times I have to
get up and write things down before I forget. I write in layers, the
outline, the first draft, and about the six draft it is fleshed out.



Tell us about Wild Evolution:

When Dan defends his livestock against a wild dog attack, he is put in a
'kill or be killed' battle. When he takes the head of a wild dog in to be
tested for rabies he discovers he has the head of a human male instead of a
wild dog. Now he is forced to cover up a self-defense killing because no one
would believe he killed a wild dog when he has a human head. 
A werewolf by contamination, Dan's life spins out of control. All his senses
are heightened including his passion for the wild. His passion for the wild
compels him to try to stop a new housing development that threatens the
local wildlife from loss of habitat, but things don't go according to plans
and now he has a second body to dispose of. 
While under investigation for murder, Angela gives Dan her unflinching
trust. Because of an abusive father, Dan has never been able to trust
anyone, but now he has someone he wants to start a family with, someone to
build a future with.   

Here is what our very own Lainey had to say about Wild Evolution:

This is not your normal werewolf tale; in fact it grips you from the first and keeps you going. Killer dog or werewolf, whatever it is it you will not be disappointed. Without giving away the ending or the whole story I am going to say that you will enjoy this novel tale. If you like werewolves you will find that Ms. Cook has a very unusual approach here and you will get quite an insight into the inner workings of the wolf pack including being the alpha male as well.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More (4-cups)





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