There must be something in the air.  Something that makes people – not all people mind you – happy during the CHRISTMAS season.  Notice I didn’t say HOLIDAY season.  Those of you who know me know how I feel about that whole situation.  But you can see people at the stores during December and they’ll smile and say hello……Merry Christmas, how are the kids, etc.

This time of year?  This time of year they’re tired, frowning, grunting when you say hello, and just being…….well, non – Christmasy.  I get that they’re exhausted.  Hell, I’m exhausted.  I even get that money is tighter, and they’re not happy going back to their thankless mundane jobs.  But suck it up, people!!!!!!!!!!  I can’t believe you let the feeling of Christmas go so soon.  Why can’t we hold on to it after December 25th?  I know what you’re thinking – Bonnie is not the happy camper and bubbly chick that she is trying to make you all be.  But the feeling is still with me.

Another thing.  Why do people get into contests about who can buy their kid the biggest, loudest, most expensive presents?????  What are you teaching these kids?  My God – I certainly never got a $500 game system for Christmas plus everything else.  These kids are spoiled, hateful, and have no idea what the true meaning of Christmas is about.  Shame on you parents for doing this.  The neighbors next door here have three kids and I swear they spent more on those kids than they did their mortgage in six months!  What the hell are you thinking? Do you really care what other people think?  Are you so insecure in yourself that you are passing it down to your kids?  So they go to school and tell their friends they got clothes and a few toys.  So they are laughed at for not getting the latest technology.  SO WHAT.  Don’t you want to teach your kids to NOT care what other people think?  To NOT live their lives trying to please people who are beyond pleasing. 

I’m not surprised when I read about kids beating on other kids.  I’m not surprised when I read about teenagers getting so depressed and so stressed that they’re dropping out of school.  It’s a tragic world we live in.  They’re too much pressure on them to be thin, cool, have the fashionable clothes and have the latest things.  But you know what, people?  WE’RE teaching them this.  We’re allowing them to think that they have to be a part of the crowd, instead of teaching them to stand out on their own.  I know – not everyone is going to.  Not everyone is going to have the resources to do so.  And no, I’m not blaming you for everything – I’m not perfect and neither are my kids.  I just want you to think before you do…….something I wish I’d done with my kids. 

Be strong, people.  And for goodness sakes – try to keep some of that Christmas spirit, will ya?

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