This series starts off with Meredith Gentry living her life in L.A. Once the queen of the Unsidhe calls her home, Merry’s life gets complicated. The queen is her aunt and Merry is the Princess of the Unsidhe kingdom. It is up to Merry and the queen’s son to battle it out for the throne. The battle is supposed to be whoever creates the first child gets the throne, but there are land of Faerie who don’t want Merry as their queen. See how easily it is to get wrapped up in the world Laurell K. Hamilton has created? Princess Meredith is stuck between worlds. She can only do so much and her aunt, Queen of Air and Darkness, just makes more trouble for her. Does she want Merry to succeed in capturing her throne or is she hoping her son, Cel, wins it? I enjoy venturing into the land of Faerie with Princess Meredith and her men! Scrumptious, luscious, gorgeous men! Yummy!! Divine Misdemeanors is Book #8 in the series, set for release in winter 2009.

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