I know what you mean about Keith Urban, I think it’s that unwashed hair look he has, its a bit eeuw!  Speaking of unwashed hair, of late there’s been a push around here to convince people that shampoo is unnecessary, and that if you don’t wash your hair for, say, six weeks, it starts to self clean!  Hmmmm.  Hubby was quite enthusiastic – until I threatened to banish him to the spare bedroom.

Do I write about jobs I’ve had and places I’ve been?  Absolutely.  You’d be surprised which parts of my books are from real life experiences.  Running Scared is partly based in Laos and a lot of people ask me if I’ve travelled there.  I haven’t (not yet anyway), but I have travelled extensively in China – I even spent three months living there, in Kunming – down in the South East.  Chinese culture has had a massive influence on the countries surrounding it, so I felt it was fair to take my experience of China, back it up with loads of research and write about Laos – also I needed a civil war for the story, and to suggest China was on the brink of civil war would’ve been ridiculous!

I am loud and proud about my writing!  My family, friends, co-workers, hubby’s co-workers etc all know about my writing endeavours and support me with great enthusiasm. Yes, Running Scared is on the hot side, but I give them fair warning and those who want to read the book but aren’t so into the erotica tell me they skip those bits!  Actually I’m quite glad about that – there’s something about the thought of my Mother In-Law reading sexy bits – shudder!

I think one of the funniest comments I’ve had is from a friend who told me her husband was avidly reading Running Scared to see if I’d based Mitch, the hero, on him!! 

The thing I like the most is the way writing has expanded my horizons and introduced me to new friends and new experiences.  If you’d asked me a couple of years ago if I’d enjoy marketing the answer would’ve been an emphatic no!  But to my surprise I love blogging and making e-friends and chatting on loops with readers and other authors.  Writing introduced me to a whole new community of welcoming people and I think for that reason alone I’ll never stop.  I’ve also got about ten years of book ideas stored up – all romances.  Romance is my passion.  I think its fascinating to examine and write about at the process of falling in love.  At this stage I’ve no burning desire to write in any other genre.  Tho I do enthusiastically read all genres – anything I can get my hands on really.  And I so admire Sci-Fi and Fantasy authors, the sheer imagination it takes to build these wonderful worlds. 

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