Protect and Serve is a multi-author series from Changeling Press, and it has been a major hit with readers already. The first two books, Badge Bunny by Cynthia Sax and Flash Point by Lena Austin rocked to the the top of the bestsellers list soon after release. My story, Kitty Kat, is due to release on January 13th and I’m sure it will do just as well.

One of the Changeling authors (Lena Austin) threw the idea of a series based on uniformed service men and women out on a discussion loop, and the idea just kind of grew as we through ideas back and forth. It’s a fairly open concept, any uniformed service qualifies so long as that person is a hero. Of course, being the Changelings, we’ve managed to throw in a few twists just for fun. Although it sounds very serious, the books have all been written with a humorous touch. The heroine in Badge Bunny is just that – a bunny who has a thing for guys with badges. In Kitty Kat, the heroine is a a stray housecat so you can see we’ve taken a twist on the normal shifter fantasies. We all had a great time writing them and we hope everyone is having just as much fun reading them.


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