perceivedlove-200In Perceived Love, Nate’s friend is a Tarot reader. Nate’s a psychic but he doesn’t use tools to predict or perceive someone’s future. He dreams images and events, but when he wants further insight into one of his dreams he goes to Sabrina and seeks her advice through the cards.

I took Tarot classes this last year so I could learn more about the cards and their symbols. I’m a believer that fate can be changed by individual choice but there are energies at work that bring in opportunities for transformation and change.

I loved learning about Tarot’s rich history and ancient and arcane symbolism. It’s a great tool for developing intuition, that all-knowing insight we all have but most of the time ignore.

I have two scenes in my book where my characters are getting readings. I actually read the cards for the questions my character’s asked and used them in the scenes! Not that I’m an expert, but I consulted a friend and a couple of my favorite books on the subject. And of course, the book is fiction!

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