32260962.jpgOkay, I’ve had enough.  I’ve talked before about people who don’t wear appropriate clothing, but now I’m just so tired of seeing crack, I feel like a drug lord.  If only I could sell some of it for money – I’d make a million!

It’s not just plumbers bent over under your sink.  It’s not big men sitting on the edge of a stool at the local deli counter.  No – it’s spreading – and fast! The crack alert has now become part of the teenage fad and I’m afraid by the time these kids become adults, they’re going to stop wearing pants altogether.  What is up with these people? And they’re not just heavy (whatever the proper word is) people.  There are some skinny minny little girls with no hips, no boobs, and lots of CRACK!  I know the style is to wear your pants down low, but can you please do the ‘bend over’ test before leaving the house?  I’m trying to deal here.

And there are girls who seem to wear skin tight shirts and the flab hangs over the top of these jeans.  Again – not big girls, but they could use a few sit ups because the flab is a hanging.  You’re not supposed to see that until you’re my age and then you can name it and call it a personal friend.  I call my sag “Agatha”.  Why?  Cause I can.

Please, if you’re a parent – don’t let your kids go out with these pants on.  And if you’re a kid – for goodness sakes – pull up your drawers!  We don’t care if you’re wearing a thong, panties, or nothing at all *shudders*.  Just keep it to yourself.  Follow the boys – they may wear pants ten times too big, but thankfully most of them follow suit with a shirt that hangs to their knees.  I never thought I would take sloppiness over a girl’s choice of attire.


*eyes the liquor cabinet* 

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