Okay, here’s a topic that always puzzles me…sex vs. story. Which do readers REALLY prefer? I’ve asked around and readers swear that story matters most, and yet I get applauds (as do many other authors) on the sizzling sex scenes. I’ve noticed that the more erotic books sell better than the sweeter ones. So, is this simply because the sex scenes are turned way up, or is it something else? Are the story lines more intense and interesting? As a writer, I’m not sure. By looking at things I’d say it IS merely the fact of the sex scenes since many of the stories out there have very thin plots with MANY descriptive sex scenes.

As a writer, which do I prefer? I have to admit that I like writing books that are steamy, but giving a play-by-play description of bedroom acrobatics can be taxing. Also, it’s easy to fluff up a weak story with a sex scene. Or, if I get writer’s block, and all else fails…I throw in a sex scene. It’s a lazy habit to fall back on, though nobody’s complained yet.

I’ve not once submitted a novel and had a publisher ask me to tone down the sex. In fact, I’ve been asked to add more, and more detail. Too much is never enough.

Me, I enjoy getting into the minds of the characters as opposed to their pants, but sex sells. Plain and simple. I can deal with it. 😉

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