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I started writing when I was 8 about squirrels.  As an adult, I was earned two degrees in college, worked half a dozen part-time jobs and marriedVampyreKingOfNewYork_higres (2) and had children (my favorite part).  I plunged into the science fiction and fantasy world, where I became a member of SFWA with short stories in anthologies edited by Marion Zimmer Bradley.  A friend convinced me to try paranormal romance, and I’ve been having a blast writing about the love lives of vampires and rare supernaturals. I’m a member of RWA and the author of Vampire King of New York and other novels. My family including dog Pete and cats Bella and Buffy approve.


This scene is from my book Vampire King of New York and happens during the very private viewing of an exhibition at a New York museum of a Viking longship and artifacts.  It’s good to be the CEO of VMeer Industries and one of the biggest contributors to the arts in New York.  His Viking past is very important to Max, and he was to share it with Evelyn.  He wants to share more than that and a longship is handy.  I’ve only given you a little tasty bit. Giggles.


“Max,” she moaned.

He felt like exploding and breathed heavily, slowly, wanting to slow the action down to enjoy it more. Pantyhose would do it. In frustration, he ripped them off her.

“Please, don’t tear the dress.”

He nibbled on her other nipple. Then ripped off her panties. He was out of his pants and with one hand found the hot, wet sacred spot between her legs. Inserting one finger into her dark, moist, velvet sheath, he pushed slowly in and out of her with more than a burning passion. All that went through his mind was how he could convince her to be his for a more than a moment in time. Her muscles clenching around his finger snapped him back. She was ready for sex, but was she ready for the love he needed to give her? He had to win her heart. He had to.

Evelyn was lost in the continuous waves of luscious ecstasy that she hadn’t really looked at Max much. But when his finger entered her, she peered up at him in his kneeling position. He was huge, beautifully made, but huge. She shivered all over.

“Max? Go slow, please.” She was worried that she couldn’t accommodate such a large man.

He lay on top of her like a blanket. His face against hers. “You are my beloved. I will take great care as to your pleasure. Do not be afraid.” When his mouth possessed hers, she nearly lost consciousness. Poised at a point of heat between them, he then pushed ever so slowly, inch by inch inside her. Every fiber of her body hit white light in that split second. Her muscles clenched and released in response. She thought it might hurt not having sex for such a long time, but Max made it heavenly. Ripples of pleasure washed over her in relentless waves. He plunged into her again with a little more force, creating new waves. A flicker of realization made Evelyn gasp. She was feeling Max’s pleasure too.


Susan at www.susanhannifordcrowley.com  Word of advice- Read The Stormy Love Life of Laura Cordelais before this book.

Vampire King of New York is Book 1 of my new series Arnhem Knights of New York and is available at Amazon in Kindle and Print, Barnes and Noble Online in Nook and Print, and at Kobo.

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