Wow… this is a set of books I picked up and wasn’t really sure if they would live up to my expectations. They surpassed them by leaps and bounds. The titles of these books are fun in their own right. They have a Clint Eastwood feel about them! (wink) But that is not said to take anything away from Kim Harrison’s writing. She has created a world where a reader can get lost for periods of time. Following Rachel and crew on their quests through the Hollows is time well-spent.

Rachel Morgan is a witch/bounty hunter in a place called the Hollows. It is the magickal section of Cincinnati, Ohio. Her best friend/roommate, Ivy, is a vampire and their partner, Jenks, is a fairy who lives with his family in their garden/cemetery. Rachel is constantly getting into trouble and it keeps her adventures in the Hollows full of action. Life in the church (where Ivy, Rachel and Jenks) live is never dull.

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