Hi! I’m really two people. Judith rochelle writes contemporary romances and romantic suspense, and Desiree Holt write erotic romance that runs the gasmut from contemp to suspense to paranormal. I never have to worry about having someone to talk to. (LOL!).  I live in the texas Hill Country-where today it is a chilly , very un=texaslike 20 degrees)-with my very own cowboy, our three cats and a herd of white tail deer. We have what I like to call a non-working ranch!

       I am so wrapped up in romance and the HEA that I have the obsessive habit of reading the end of a book before I finish it. Gotta have that fuzzy, warm, isn’t-that-wonderful feeling, ya know? I cut my romance teeth on Victoria Holt and Phyllis Whitney, and I am so excited to see their books being reissued. They told such wonderful stories that grip the reader and carry you to faraway places, make you wish the hero would swoop down and take you away himself.

      Now my romance reading is so varied I can’t even put it in a category. I love everything except horror. Nope,. no horror. Too old for nightmares. But I love reading romance so I especially love writing it. My heroes are all alpha males (yeah, I know, but I love the sheer dominance of them along with the desire to bring pleasure to their women). I’m especially partial to military, ex-military, cowboys, etc. But my heroines are all different-tall, short, blonde, brunette, redhead. But they have two things in common: none of them are skinny toothpicks and they are all feisty and sassy, even when the worst things possible are facing them.

      I like to write series, I guess because I like reading them. I want to know what happens tio all the other characters in a story, and how the first ones I met are now getting along.

      I’ll be popping in here a bunch todaym to talk about romance, heroes, settings, all those things, and telling you about my latest and my upcocming releases. And I’ll be holding a contest. But to win something, ya gotta post.

      Come by and leave me your comments, Let’s have fun today.

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