I love to read too….it’s a way of believing in happily ever after – that good guys really do win in the end.  I love your excerpts.  And you have me thinking about Paolo on the train.  How the beginning of a great friendship began with death.  What a concept.  I am wanting more!

I love historicals too.  I love the times when men rose when a woman walked into a room – or bowed to her with respect.  Sure, women weren’t allowed ‘real’ jobs or – in some cases – choose who they marry, but men were truly gentlemen.  *eyes hubby snoring on the couch*.  Yeah…..those were the days.

I’d love to meet your mother.  My own mother had that ‘sense’ when things were going to happen and it creeped me out.  However, as an adult, I appreciate it more because I would get that same sense when it came to my two children.  Do you think you inherited any of that?  I believe in ghosts … or spirits if you call them.  A presence that watches over you.  I just hope they close their eyes when I’m dressing because even the dead can’t escape that fright! 

Waiting for another post!


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