I know, it’s unavoidable sometimes. I am standing in line at the store, trying to get my Christmas shopping done – oh, and a big KUDOS to Walmart for putting Christmas back into the season… instead of the happy holidays they were doing last year!  I am very pleased to have the clerks say to me “Merry Christmas” because I love hearing it!

Okay, back to the tabloids.  I must say that this world is a pretty sad place when we don’t have anything else to talk about except Britney Spears going around without panties….and I have to say EWWWWWWW to this because God knows where she’s sitting and then you’re going to sit there too, and YUCK.  And to think of what she is going to catch!  My goodness, just after breaking up with her husband and this girl is out slutting her way through the city instead of being a mother.  This is what is raising the next generation! 

Of course, I just gave the tabloids their ammunition for why they write this crap.  Because people will talk about it.  But where are the good stories?  I mean, who cares how many children Brad and Angelina have before they break up and leave them broken homes?  Who cares if actresses are too fat or too thin?  I’m too fat, but you don’t see me announcing it on the cover of a tabloid!  These people put themselves out there in the public eye, so I have no sympathy for them.  I do, however, feel for people like Mel Gibson and Robin Williams.  These are people who managed to stay OUT of the public eye for years (bad press I mean) and yet when they fall off the wagon, they’re plastered over the TV and magazines.  Anyone who judges them better remember there are four fingers pointing back at you.  How would you like to have someone watch you as you fail?  They didn’t kill anyone, they didn’t rape anyone, and they didn’t molest a child.  Yet they’re being raked over the coals worse than people who DO do those awful things.  It’s a sad world.

Remember that Christmas is a week away – remember that you should smile at your neighbor and do something nice to someone you know.  Or for someone you know.  I’ll be back in the New Year with more to steam about. 

Have a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year!


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