Tell me something. Who in the world came up with the word “Reality” for the crap that’s been on television lately? I’m not going to mention specific shows, but you’ll know which ones I’m talking about if you’ve been privy to such … interesting accounts of real life.

I have to wonder where they (they meaning the people running these shows) find ‘typical’ every day people to be on these shows. Why is it that they all have perfect bodies, they all have white straight teeth, and God knows the women have perky breasts!! The only thing my breasts are good for these days are to make a home for my sweat pools. My poor husband, the last time he tried to tweak a nipple, he said “honey, it’s sucked in”. And I had to admit “that was my belly button dear”.

There is a certain show (again, no names) that has people living on an Island for so many days. How do they manage to keep such white teeth?? And I don’t want to know what they’re wiping their asses with! And what about women with their period? Would that be considered your personal item? Maxi pads?? And there is another show where people have to eat bugs, sit in disgusting pits of rat shit, and yet they’re smiling knowing they’ll get 50 grand out of it. 50 GRAND?? You wouldn’t get me to eat that stuff for a million! Ugh! These people have no lives obviously.

Now we have ‘reality’ t.v. that chooses where we work, how we maintain ourselves as a fashion guru (or whatever), how to cook, how to live on an island with fourteen annoying people who must snore, share a house with people (I did that growing up with six brothers and sisters and you wouldn’t get me doing that for any money!), and then there are those shows where either a man chooses his ‘bride’, or a woman chooses her ‘groom’. PUHLEASE, people? Do you honestly watch that stuff and believe they’re going to live happily ever after?? Who in Holywood does any more? Not many of them, and not without hard work. It’s hard enough being with a man who has dated other women, but to have to sit back and watch him tongue them, as well as talking about how big their boobs are or how great their ass is. What? They can’t find any normal girls with cellulite and pimples? Are we not loveable too??

I’m sorry if reality is your thing, but you’re welcome to the world of fake boobs, penal implants, tan in a can, and crest whitening strips. Me? I’m going to sit back, let my boobs land where they may, drink my coffee that will no doubt turn my teeth a different color, and hope that I can find matching socks in the morning. Other than that – I’m happy just to be real!!!

Bonnie (who would love to have more half hour comedy shows brought back)

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