In honor of this sexy day, I think we should all eat dark, rich chocolate with our coffee and rediscover our forgotten erogenous zones.  These little areas can be pleasured without stripping off a single article of clothing, yet you’ll feel so deliciously naughty.


Do you remember the first time a boy held your hand?  His larger fingers pushed so gently between yours.  That soft pressure sent shivers of excitement up your arm and into your chest.  You could hardly breathe.


Now, we look back and think of hand-holding as so innocent.  But is it?


This Valentines day, lightly caress someone’s palm and the pale flesh between his fingers, then tell me hands aren’t an erogenous zone.  When you kiss, lick, and suck on his digits, all of a sudden hands don’t seem so innocent a place to start.


The face, however, is my favorite.  Who doesn’t like to feel warm hands on her cheeks, and fingertips on her mouth?


So many other forgotten erogenous zones await and you don’t even have to slip out of that little black dress.  Exposed, innocent flesh beneath his hands can make you gasp.


For clues, take a look at what women wore during more frigid times.  They hid their arms and legs as if to shield society from sexy images.  Arms – sexy?


Don’t believe me?  Ask him to touch the sensitive underside of your wrist and kiss the inside of your elbow.  At your quickened breath, his hands will continue up your arms to caress your shoulders.  You’ll feel so unbelievably sexy.


And legs.  Come on.  A leg man will tell you that legs are definitely an erogenous zone that should not be overlooked.  Ankles and knees are incredibly sensitive especially where the skin is softest, such as behind the knee and in the little divot of the ankle.  He doesn’t even have to go beneath the hemline to make you moan.


The tootsies may make some people nervous, but plenty of nerves end there.  So pumice, moisturize, and pedicure those tootsies for a massage that could start your V-day off on the right foot.


How does this relate to romance and erotic fiction?  I love to include these forgotten erogenous zones in my novels.  Before my hot date tonight, I’ll post a taste of a naughty bit from Guardian of the Onyx Empire, a tale of an ex-love slave and an elven empress.  If it’s okay with everyone.

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