So, this time I thought I’d try giving an actual excerpt from the second book.  I’m still having a bit of trouble uploading pictures…

Remember Patti Johnson, the best friend and gourmet cook from the first book?  She opens a small cafe to serve her spicy food in, and advertises for an assistant cook.  She expects only women to apply…until a tall, bald, tattooed and very hairy biker rolls up to her front door on a Harley.  He tells her he is a Roma, “gypsy” to the rest of us, and he has lots of experience cooking Mexican-style food, which is what she needs help in cooking for the still-increasing guest list for the wedding she is supposed to cater in a few weeks.  The only problem is that Jules Tremenczyk, or J.T. as he tells her to call him, is one of the hottest men that Patti has ever seen…and since her divorce 5 years ago, she’s been on an involuntary man-fast.  To her starving body parts, he looks like a 10-course meal!  If she hires him, will she be able to keep her hands off of him?  And since he’s younger than her, would he consider her too old for him?  And what about her ex-husband, who keeps on inserting himself back into her life, claiming he’s only thinking of their kids?  Since her ex has moved in temporarily with her, J.T. won’t stay the night, the first time they act on their feelings.

Reluctantly, Patti sat up and watched as J.T. got up, then began to search for his clothes, which he had carried into the bedroom. He quickly got dressed, then sat on the nearby chair to pull on his boots.
Patti licked her lips as she watched him, then smiled guiltily when he smiled at the look on her face. “You look hungry, my love,” he teased. “Didn’t you get enough for one night?”
Patti sighed heavily. “After as many years as I’ve waited for any man to want to touch me again, if I had my choice, you wouldn’t leave here for a week…or at least until neither of us could walk anymore!”

J.T. chuckled, “I’d love to take you up on that challenge in the very near future. Now that I know just how well we fit together, I’m going to have even more trouble keeping my hands off you…even in public!”

Patti walked naked across the room and stood in front of J.T. to kiss him. He groaned as he ran his hands on her curves and she rubbed herself on him. Their kissing grew more passionate, until he gently pushed her back, saying, “Enough. Patricia, have mercy on me. I had enough trouble getting my jeans zipped back up…don’t make it impossible for me to think clearly enough to ride home.”
With another sigh, Patti backed away, then sat back down on the bed. “I guess you’re right. I don’t want to have to worry all night about you getting home safely. Call me when you get back to your place, okay? Just so I know you’re all right?”
J.T. nodded. “I will, sweetheart.”
Patti gave him an odd look, “Jules… do I belong to you now?”
When he nodded gravely at her, she smiled back at him. “Good.”
She got up, walked over to the bathroom, grabbed a robe off the back of the door and belted it while she walked over to the door and unlocked it.             “I’ll walk you to the door, so I can be sure to lock it after you. That way, I can have one more chance to kiss you and grope you before you leave.”
J.T. shook his head and smiled, “Patricia, you are the woman of my dreams.”
They walked slowly in the dark to the front door.
Patti opened it. “Now for my goodbye kiss and fondle!”
They spent a few sweaty moments, groping and kissing, then with a shake of his head, J.T. let her go and walked out of the front door into the cool night air.
“Call me,” Patti said.
“I will,” J.T. replied.
He got on his Harley and rode off into the night. Patti watched until he turned the corner. She closed the door, locked it and walked back into her bedroom to wait for his call. She was just drifting back to sleep, when the phone rang.
“Hello?” she murmured.
“It’s me, Patricia. I’m home, so you can go back to sleep. Good night, darlin’.”
“Good night, Jules,” she answered. “See you very soon.” She hung up the phone and instantly fell back asleep.
J.T. looked at his phone after he heard her hang up. “Yes, Patricia, you’re mine now. I have no idea for how long, but I intend to enjoy you for as long as you’ll let me.”
With a sigh, he took off his boots and lay back on his cot to stare out of the window at the moon. Eventually, he fell asleep to spend the night dreaming of the many different positions he had not yet had Patti in, and that he fully intended to try at his very first opportunity.

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