What the hell is everyone’s hurry anyway?  When someone gets up on my bumper, I’m thinking they must be counting the treads on my tires, because why else would they need to be so close?  Do they seriously think they’re going to get somewhere faster – just because they have a few inches?  Oh, and let me tell you – if you’re up my ass, I’m going to go SLOWER.  I believe that we need to just slow down and realize that the world won’t come to an end if you’re late.  If it does, then grow up and take responsibility for the fact that you should have left sooner.  Unless, of course, it’s an emergency. Then, and only then, will I accept you being in a hurry and you should have your flashers on – or I’m going to think you’re just in a rush to die.

Yes, die.  Why else would you risk your life and everyone else’s?  Frankly I could care less for someone willing to do this to themself.  If they want to run off the road by losing control – so be it.  Will I be sad?  Yes.  Will I think it’s a tragedy?  No.  I think they’re stupid for driving that way in the first place.

So someone takes your parking space.  Does it piss me off?  YEAH!  But do I give them the finger and blow my horn?  No.  Do I roll down the window and yell profanities at them?  Do I seriously look stupid?  People carry guns!  And please – what INTELLIGENT, EDUCATED person acts like that?  Not me.  I picture a punk kid speaking that way – but grown men and women?  My God I’m embarrassed to be classed with people like that.

Okay – someone flashes their lights at you on the highway.  Yes, let’s turn around and run them off the road.  Why? Because it’s fun.  Because we want to have a lethal weapon in our hands and we want to kill the person who was trying to tell you your high beams are on.  Or – we want to kill the baby in the backseat because Mommy or Daddy was trying to tell a driver that a cop is up ahead.

People think about this.  If you’re going to rush so much that you’re risking someone’s life – stay home!  Call in sick.  Don’t be an idiot because God knows there are enough of them on the road now to make up a nice spot down below where the stupid and reckless people go.

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