I just love to read. Period. And reading from all genres helps me in my writing craft. Helps to make me a stronger writer I hope.

Of course, there are times I’m just in the mood for a good love story. Make it something that when I close the book I sigh and feel good those two are finally together. 

With romance, I move around the genre frequently but give me a good historical and add a dash or more of the paranormal and I’m in reading bliss. But then I can’t resist a good fantasy either. Among my favorite are the Symphony of Ages series by Elizabeth Haydon and The Wayfarer Redemption series by Sara Douglass. 

As of right now, I’m reading two books. I’ve just started reading Daughter of the Forest by Juliet Marillier and plan on moving onto the next books in the Sevenwaters Trilogy shortly thereafter. I also just picked up a copy of Wired by Liz Maverick and decided to juggle two books at once. I like to be adventurous I guess. 

Bottom-line, though, is just give me a good story – no matter the genre – and I’ll read it. 

I do seem to always appreciate a romantic element in the books I read and it’s a must in what I write. Romance and conflict just go hand-in-hand. Like you said it gives a reader someone to root for. 

In The Passenger, Giovanni (Gio) and Elizabeth certainly have both romance, conflict and their own inner-struggles to deal with. 

She’s arrived in Cana, California to bring news of his father Paolo’s death. Gio doesn’t want to hear any of it but because of his frustrating attraction to her, he’s keeping her around. 

Gio’s a headstrong man but he’s met his match in the strange woman from Boston. 

The Passenger takes place in 1945. It felt right to write it in a way that pays homage to the old movies I love. The story builds up the tension but the lovemaking takes place behind closed doors. 

Tomorrow I’ll post an introduction to both Elizabeth and Gio. When they first meet might be nice, I’m thinking. 

Until then, have a great night!

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