Thanks for the intro, Bonnie. I’m very glad to be here this week.

So – it’s been a very busy morning. I was up before the sun. Believe me – I don’t like waking up when it’s still dark. But it’s my son’s first day of football practice. Yes, football. Summer seems to be drawing to a close despite the 90 degrees we’re supposed to reach later today. Oh, and then in a bit my daughter has a sports camp.

A very busy day indeed.

As Bonnie mentioned, I’ve been a storyteller all my life. Before I could record my stories, my vivid imagination produced an active network of imaginary friends. However, as soon as I could put pencil to paper those “friends” became my characters. One of my earliest stories I remember was a fantasy that took place in another world where dogs could talk. What a world that was too.

In my junior high days, I did take a break from fantasy to write stories similar to what I was reading at the time. Does anyone remember Sooner or Later? I date myself with that statement, don’t I? Hmm… I guess you could say that’s where the romance comes into my writing.

However, soon I returned to the paranormal. I can’t remember exactly when my fascination with ghosts began. I was an avid reader so I’m sure one of the many, many books I read included something that piqued my interest. I went on to explore all of the haunted places throughout the world through reading.

When I was sixteen, the idea for the story that would become my first book, The Passenger, came to me. It all began with Paolo, the story’s ghost.

It’s time for me to run but I’ll return later and introduce you to Paolo.

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