Christy Reece hails from the heart of Alabama, and her small town roots have served her well.  Without the distractions of big city life, she has plenty of imagination to whip up the most amazing scenarios for her characters.  Previously employed in the insurance business, Christy now devotes herself full-time to writing.  Still residing in Alabama with her husband and a few family members of the non-human variety, Christy has kept us on the edges of our seats with her wonderful mix of steamy romance and nail-biting suspense. 

This is a superbly crafted story of a diabolically vicious psychopath and the group of people intent on bringing him down. The freakish intelligence combined with utter insanity of Donald Rosemount is so well written it literally gives you chills. Shea and Ethan lead you on a gut wrenching exploration to reclaim her soul, and the heart throbbing attempt to rekindle their love. This is a magnificent end to an amazing trilogy, with each fantastic book standing well on its own, but I for one hate to see them end!

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