When Sarah, digital and social media coordinator—or ‘digi-chick’, as she’s been called—is asked to babysit the special guest at the Jets Rugby League Club’s annual Anzac Day clash, she’s hesitant. What will the returning war hero, wounded from battle, think when he lays eyes on her dyed, flaming red hair and her face full of metal piercings? More than likely, the rule-following, uniform-wearing conformist will take one look at her and double-time it away from her feral-looking behind.

But the sexual attraction that sizzles between Sarah and Dylan is evident from their first touch, and despite both having built walls around their hearts, as protection from childhood loss and pain, they are keen to take advantage of the sheet-scorching, orgasm-exploding sexual tension that is simmering between them.

Of course, falling in love was never part of the plan.


Sarah’s Soldier, book 6 in my League of Love Series is a contemporary erotic story set in Australia. My soldier in this story, Dylan, is going through some tough times after being wounded in the line of duty. While writing Dylan’s story I could not stop thinking about a close family friend, a young man serving in the Australian Army who has been deployed to some of those scary places we see on the news, and give thanks that he has returned home to us unharmed each time.

I will be giving away a PDF copy of Sarah’s Soldier, book 6 in my League of Love series, to one randomly chosen commenter.

Here is an excerpt from Sarah’s Soldier.


“Bedside drawer, top one, should be a packet in there…for emergency use.” She giggled.

Sarah watched as Dylan stretched out his long arm and opened the drawer, his biceps and muscles bulging and rippling, so masculine and drool-worthy that she had to lick her lips to make sure she wasn’t making a fool of herself

“Found them.” Dylan placed the box between their chests. “Not opened yet, then… So is it a new purchase, or you don’t have many emergencies?” he asked, a grin on his face as he tapped her lightly on the nose.

“I’m not sure if I should answer that question. If I say ‘new purchase’ you’ll think I bring men to my bed all the time, but if I say ‘no emergencies’, maybe you’ll think I bring men to my bed who are prepared. When the truth of the matter is, I don’t usually bring men to my bed at all.” Sarah felt her face heat at her blatant admission. But it was the truth. The way she lived her life—either behind a computer screen designing websites or working with the Jets as their digi-chick—she just didn’t meet available men. Not counting with her trusty vibrator, Sarah could hardly remember the last time she’d orgasmed—before tonight, that was.

Sarah caught sight of an emotion that flickered over Dylan’s face, but wasn’t sure what it was. There was a definite change in the way he looked at her—the smile he had been wearing had suddenly disappeared. She hoped he hadn’t found something wrong with her admission. Dylan’s next words stilled her worry.

“Oh, baby, that is such a turn-on. You have no idea how pleased I am you thought enough of me to bring me here. Makes a soldier feel blessed.” Dylan kissed her, taking his time to explore her mouth, the condom box crushed between them.

Sarah moved her hands to Dylan’s shoulder and froze as she felt the welted skin beneath her fingertips. Her breath hitched and as they were still lip-locked, Dylan obviously noticed. She felt him shake his head because their lips did a little dance with the movement, but he resumed his delicious assault on her mouth.

Her head was swimming. Just ignore it, move your hand away, get back in the game, Sarah, she mentally admonished herself. But it was too late. Dylan had felt the change in her, her distraction from their kiss, and he pulled his mouth away.

“Is it a turn-off, Red—my shoulder? I know it’s not pretty, and feels even worse. I’ll understand if it’s too much. Why don’t I put my shirt back on so…?”

Sarah was mortified at herself, at her reactions. The sadness in Dylan’s voice, his acceptance that she might even consider his war wounds a turn-off had her reeling.

“No, it’s nothing like that, Dylan. I’m sorry. I got distracted thinking more about what you had gone through to have such a scar, thinking of you being hurt. Honestly, there is nothing about you that I find a turn-off—in fact, I’d go out on a limb and say you are the sexiest man I’ve ever seen. Does it hurt when I touch the scar?”

Sarah paused for a moment, wondering if she should ask the next question, finding it impossible not to. “What happened to you, Dylan?”

As soon as the question had fallen from her lips, Sarah knew she shouldn’t have gone there. She felt Dylan’s whole body tense beneath hers, actually saw him withdrawing from her, his once hungry, passion-filled eyes turning glassy, distant. It was as if he was staring right through her, did not see her lying naked on top of him. Their faces were mere inches from one another, but at that moment Dylan was someplace else. She had to do something to bring him back to her, could have slapped herself for speaking the words and for being sidetracked by the injury.

“Dylan, you don’t have to answer that. It’s none of my business,” she stammered. “Just forget I asked anything. Let me assure you, mister, I am totally hot and aching for you. That hasn’t changed.” Sarah cupped Dylan’s cheek with her hand, trying to regain his attention.


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