My husband has been stuck in front of the television for the past few days… nights…whatever, for SO long that he’s not just a couch potato anymore.  He’s a damn french fry!  He just sits there, frying hotter and hotter, trying to get his team to win.  Can I say which team he goes for?  Does it really matter? 

There is a war between HOCKEY TEAMS!  In this time of real war, famine, disease, and sudden death (no pun intended) we are worried about hockey!  I mean, go for a team, wish them well (heaven forbid they didn’t get their 30million dollars this year) but don’t ignore your friends, fight with your spouse, over a TEAM!  There must be better things to fight about.  I have a pile of laundry on the floor that is waiting for him to notice.  Dishes in the sink that are beggin for him to wash.  Or how about the snack bowls all over my living room?  Now THAT is worth fighting over!

I did, however, watch a few games with him.  Not like I had a choice, with one television and limited channels.  I sat and watched these grown men fight over a puck, then smash each other in the face with their gloves on.  Rolling around on the ice with their arms wrapped around each other.  Geez!  I could get as much excitement watching an action movie!  If all you need is some blood and fists, I have a few shows that will fill your fancy.

I went through this at the Super Bowl……although then it was only one night.  Now it is an unending, overbearing, sweat soaked, three or four weeks of icy hell.  I am sorry if you are into the hockey scene and enjoy all that… I just don’t get it. 
So pass the ketchup, fry me up a burger, and join the rest of the french fried couch potatoes!  She shoots……..she scores!!!!!!!!!!


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