The things that either make or break a man. Does he watch, a bored look on his face as the killer chases the poor heroine down a long stretch – secretly hoping her bodice will open enough that he gets a peek of a fifteen year old’s breasts? Or perhaps, more like it, he’s cowering under a sweater or a pillow over his head, wishing for a good hockey game?

Does anyone else think, like me, that women look so STUPID in these movies? Like who in their right mind would go outside if they knew a killer was out there? And who would stand there and scream instead of getting their ass out of there? Or if you thought someone was in the basement, attic, backseat, etc, that you would actually LOOK? Not me! I’d be out of there as fast as these big legs could carry me.

I swear, horror movies are turning more sexual these days too, with nudity, sex, and gore. I love to be scared, don’t get me wrong. I loved Psycho, with the whole shower scene, I love Alfred Hitchcock – I know, I’m old, but hey – couldn’t think of any other ‘writers’ of horror. That Craven guy … he does some scary ones too.

I have taken my poor husband to more horror movies, only to have him come home and leave the bathroom light on, or sit up and watch cartoons all night to get it out of his head. Big baby! Although I have to give him credit for coming with me. He may do it mainly for the popcorn and/or nachos, but it looks as though I have a date at least.

I wish I could write my own horror story. My hat goes off to those people who can write suspense and/or horror. To scare someone so badly that they become children again with nightmares and teddy bears to keep grown men from screaming like little girls. Hang on to your hubbies, girls. Some are sappy and cry at sad movies, while others are upset because they didn’t get enough frontal nudity to soothe their savage beast. We women have to sit through enough breasts – hating the actress for her perkiness or wondering what the hell she was thinking because all she has are nipples on her chest. Not all of us are a fake size DD – that’s for sure.

Have a good one!


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