Next book off the ranks for me is Best Intention.  I’ve put an excerpt below – the first one ever to be seen by anyone except for Hubby and my editor.  It comes out as an e-book on 23 September 2008 from Samhain Publishing, and will be going into print in 2009 (print date not confirmed yet).  I hope you like it!

When it comes to hobbies I am excruciatingly boring… writing, cooking and gardening.  No leaping out of airplanes or jumping off bridges or descending into caves or tinkering with motor cars.  Nope, spent this afternoon planting pumpkin seeds and sweet corn and was in heaven.  I adore my vege garden.  I also love to cook.  To the point where I wanted to be a chef in my younger years.  If writing is going badly and it’s all too much there’s nothing I like more than to have a really good cook.  Always improves things.

My mother in law recently bought me the new Jamie Oliver cookbook – its just lovely.  Growing veges and cooking them… wonderful and done in the usual Jamie style.  Can recommend that one.

I attended the Romance Australia conference in August and I’m still getting through all the wonderful books I got there.  Mills&Boon were doing a giveaway of their Aussie Authors to raise money for breast cancer research and so I am wading through a pile of sexys, romances and intrigues.  I’ve also got a couple of e-books in my TBR pile.  I just started Jess Dee’s Ask Adam (currently No 1 on MBAB bestseller list – yay Jess) and it’s wonderful.  I’ve also got Sami Lee’s Born Again Virgin and her Fijian Fling which I’m looking forward to – both outstanding Aussie Samhain authors.

Advice for Unpublished authors – hmm.  I went from never written a word to published in a very short space of time.  Nine months in fact.  I had never been to a conference, knew no other writers and had no idea what I was getting myself into.  The learning curve has been vertical and sometimes I wish that I’d had more time to get my head around things.  I made some BIG mistakes due to my own naivety including telling a senior Mills and Boon editor she wouldn’t be interested in my book.  So my advice to unpublished authors is don’t undervalue the experience you are gaining right now.  It will serve you well in future.


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