I really have to struggle sometimes to practice self-care. My tendency is to go and go, and go again until I don’t have any energy reserves. Not a good thing, let me tell you. So, I’ve been working on this self-care thing which requires me to understand and know my limits. Yup, limits, man I hate those things! I love all the fun things I get to do, but working from home makes it a little too easy to keep going when I should maybe….stop for the night. In fact I’ve been known to go until 4:00 am if I’m really working on something. Again, not always a good thing.

But hey, I’ve been working on it, and one of things I’ve been doing is taking breaks when I’m working on projects, and shutting off my computer which is where I do the majority of my work by 10:00 pm. Okay, I don’t always shut it off by then, but I try. 😛

One of my favorite authors that I’ve been reading for years got her start writing on this topic and still writes on it for that matter, her name is Jennifer Louden. If you’ve never read her books, I recommend her, particularly if like me you have to sort of struggle to practice self-care. My two most favorite of her books are The Woman’s Comfort book which has all sorts of cool ideas for practicing self-care many of which are artistic, so if you have a crafty or artistic bent this is a great book to get some ideas from. Her other book that I absolutely love is The Life Organizer: A Woman’s Guide to a Mindful Year which is a kind of day planner of questions that you can answer that help you to practice being good to yourself and keep your life in order. I like it because it’s a good way to stop, slow down and sort of think about where you’re going instead of rushing around trying to figure it out while you’re feeling frazzled which is sometimes how I end up trying to do things.

Anyway, here it is ten years after I read that first book The Woman’s Comfort Book and I’m still working on this self-care thingie, but since that is kind of what life is about, I guess I’ll be doing this for some time to come. LOL

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