One of my all time favorite contemporary series is Susan Elizabeth Phillips’ Chicago Stars Football series. Each of her characters are quirky and unique and definitely not perfect. Who wants to read about all these beautiful women marrying these ultra suave and perfect football stars? With this series, you do get the suave football stars, but each couple has a story that will have you falling in love with them. The reason is: THEY ARE NOT PERFECT! THEY ARE HUMAN AND PRONE TO MISTAKES! Let me give you a little taste of each book in her wonderful series, in the correct reading order:

  • It Had To Be You: Pits Phoebe Somerville against Dan Calebow. She is deemed a bit of a tart, he is a hot-head. She inherits the Stars, he is the head coach.
  • Heaven, Texas: The age old tale of brain versus beauty. The brain being Gracie Snow, the beauty being Bobby Denton (former football player for the Stars).
  • Nobody’s Baby But Mine: The brainy physics teacher wants a baby, one that isn’t as smart as she is. When Dr. Jane Darlington sees Cal Bonner fumbling over words, she expects the dumb jock to be the perfect donor for her baby. He will never have to know that he became a father and her plan works perfectly; until the day Cal shows up in her classroom and kidnaps her.
  • This Heart of Mine: Kevin Tucker first appears in Nobody’s Baby But Mine and he will meet his match in Molly Somerville, who stars in It Had to be You and also happens to be Phoebe’s sister. When Molly finds herself in bed with her ultimate crush, she will seduce him and then run, not realizing that her decision will change both their lives forever.
  • Match Me If You Can: Matchmaker Annabelle Granger might be able to save her business when Kevin Tucker’s agent Heath Champion decides to get a wife. She doesn’t expect to like the man, much less fall for him. Now she must step aside as she finds the perfect wife for Heath.
  • Natural Born Charmer: Dean Robillard has it all: he is a sports superstar and sidelines as a model. Blue Bailey is flat broke thanks to her ex and is trying to figure out how the heck to get some money. While trying to figure out why his glorious life seems dull, Dean picks Blue up wearing a beaver suit and they are soon on a journey that will change both their lives and have them figuring out exactly what they want in life.
  • Dream a Little Dream: This is not part of the Chicago Stars series but it continues the story of the Bonner family with Gabe Bonner and Rachel Stone. Rachel is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure her son won’t starve, even if it means selling her body to Gabe, a man who has a tormented past of his own.

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