I’ve recently picked up a new hobby: scarf knitting. I’ve never been much of a knitter. I lose my patience with things that are repetitive and take forever. That’s probably why I enjoy writing. Each scene changes and the possibilities are endless.

Anyway, as I’ve made multiple colors of these ruffle scarves now, and my husband keeps asking me just how many scarves do I think I need, I thought I’d give one today as a gift. It's about 6 feet long and can be wrapped different ways.

The one shown is blue, but I can make a different color if the winner prefers.

To win this lovely ruffle scarf—which looks great with a nice sweater or even a plaid shirt and cowboy boots—all you have to do is:

Go to my website and tell me the titles of the books I have published with Amber Quill Press. You can also find these on Amber Quill’s website if you search under my name in both the erotic and non-erotic section. I’ll give you a hint, there are 9.

Email the answer to me at: author_shannon_leigh@hotmail.com

Please put: "Book Brew Contest" in the subject line so I know what it’s for. I’ll draw a winner on Wednesday. Be sure to include you’re mailing address in case you win!

Oh, and if you'd like something other than blue, don't be shy. Tell me your favorite color and I will make it.

Good luck!

Shannon Leigh

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