She Who Dares, Wins is the steamy sequel to Guarding the Coast and due out next month:

“When the NSA picks up intelligence that the world’s premiere genetic researchers have been flocking to a small island in southeast Asia, they send their most productive field agent undercover to find answers

It doesn’t take Isabelle Archer long to sniff out trouble.

The Sultan of the small, oil-rich country of Muldahar has been squandering his billions for decades. But oil reserves are dwindling and the desperate Sultan has a new plan to keep his coffers filled. For Isabelle, getting evidence of this experimental project gone horribly wrong will take a miracle – specifically, a burly blonde stunner with a rumbling voice of pure sin. Captain Quinton Herriman, on temporary VIP protection detail with Australia’s Special Air Service Regiment, has been assigned to protect the Sultan’s ten-year-old nephew. Despite her better judgment, Isabelle’s attraction to him is irresistible. She can’t keep her hands off the sexy bodyguard. But to get his help when her mission gets deadly? She’ll have to trust more than just her body to his safekeeping.”

Submitted by Samantha Gail



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