Were-Hunters…check. Who we are: Originally part of the Apollite race, their DNA was magically spliced with animals. Now they are shape-shifters who are embroiled in a war against each other.

Dark-Hunters…check. Who we are:  An ancient warrior who sold his/her soul to the Greek goddess Artemis for a single act of vengeance. Now they protect mankind from the Daimons who want to claim our souls.

Dream-Hunters…check. Who We Are: They are the gods of sleep who were cursed by the Greek gods to feel no emotion whatsoever. But they carry within them a dark secret that could completely shake the world in which they live. The Oneroi branch are often helpers to the Dark-Hunters.

One heck of a combination…YOU BET! Most people who are paranormal fans have read or heard of Sherrilyn Kenyon. However, for those unfortunate readers who haven’t, this is one series you don’t want to miss! It has a wicked combination of Daimons, Demons, Alpha Males, Females who will take you down in an instant, steamy scenes that leave you breathless, mythology that has you seeing the gods and goddesses in a new light and so much more. It is hard to explain how amazing this series is without honestly spending hours upon hours talking about the books. Instead, I am just going to give you her website and let you decide for yourself. But be warned…once you read her you WILL be hooked.


And from this website I found a stunning revelation (OH MY GOODNESS I AM SUPER EXCITED) About the books:

In the world of the Dark-Hunters nothing is ever as it seems. Life and death both take on a whole knew meaning as this immortal cadre of warriors fight to protect mankind from those creatures and demons who would prey on us.

As far as the series goes, we are currently in stage 2 of it. I see the entire series as one large, ongoing story that has 4 major parts.

The first part was Acheron.

Part 2 will be Jaden

Part 3 will be Savitar

and 4 involves a character the readers aren’t yet familiar with.


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