You’re doing what? You can’t go away on your own, Mum. Not at your age!’ It was ‘Not at your age’ that made Audrey decide that she was going away even if it was the last-damned thing-she-ever-did. She’s a widow, not dead. Life must go on!   Olive has spent the last fifty years married to George who has made it his life’s work to control every aspect of her day. What they ate, What she wore, Who she spent time with. So, when her mother leaves her an inheritance, Olive seizes the chance to book her dream holiday. Will she be able to lay some memories to rest or does George have other ideas? Lucinda, mother of teens, has lost her way since her ex cheated on her. It’s not so much Netflix and chill as Netflix and Sauvignon Blanc. Her loving, despairing widowed father persuades her to take a trip with him to Croatia, where he always holidayed with her mother. With no better offers on the table she agrees to go.   As Audrey, Olive and Lucinda begin their holiday in beautiful Cavtat, one person’s misfortune begins to benefit them all. And as they become the most unlikely of friends, they realise that you are never too old to seize the day, to live life to the full and to make memories to last a lifetime.

It’s Time to Let Me Go: Words and feelings are only fleeting, memories last a lifetime

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It’s Time to Let Me Go by Author Cheryl Waters

ABOUT AUTHOR Cheryl Waters

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Author Cheryl Waters

Born in London Cheryl grew up in Cheshire. After a short time back in London Cheryl met her husband Phil and they moved to Scotland where she spent over half of her life and brought up her daughter and son. In 2011 They bought a house in France and in 2014 opened their doors to their French B&B. When covid struck and business stopped Cheryl was able to realise another dream and she wrote her first novel. Now with her third about to publish Cheryl plans to continue writing.

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