A Whisper on the Wind by Author Gail Knezevich

The year is 1879. Penelope Miller and Josha Silverhawk Evans though very young, fall in love. They both know when they grow up, they will spend their lives together. But they are torn apart by horrific circumstances. 12 years later now 1891, they find each other once again. But one believes the other was killed while the other believes he has been betrayed. In their hearts they know they belong together, but the road they travel is stacked with so many doubts and betrayals. They wonder if they will ever find their way back to each other and the feelings they had in their youth. Can love really conquer all.

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A Whisper on the Wind by Author Gail Knezevich

ABOUT AUTHOR Gail Knezevich

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Author Gail Knezevich

I write romantic historical western, filled with love, intrigue, adventure and a touch of spice.

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