you’ve ever dreamed of traveling back in time to meet someone you’ve fantasized about, you will love this book series. It will sweep you away and allow you to live your fantasy for hours on end; you will feel as if you’re actually there and never want to leave. Susan in “The Necklace” series travels 50 years back in time in her 17-year-old body to meet James, age 20, the man of her dreams. James, however, does not turn out to be the paragon she envisioned and although he falls in love with her, their relationship is stormy and tempestuous. Susan’s independent and stubborn nature is in direct conflict with James’s arrogance and bossiness. Susan struggles to cope in an era pre women’s lib. Their fiery passion for each other, however, overrides all conflict. When it’s time for Susan to return to the present, she gives James a parting gift of her silver necklace not knowing that it contains magic that will bind them together for life. And because of this, she continues to return to the past in multiple journeys fraught with suspense and heartache in an attempt to be with him forever.

The Necklace Series by Author Linda S Rice


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Author Linda S Rice

As a child I always had a big imagination and often made up stories for my friends. When I got a typewriter For my 12th birthday, I was able to put my stories in writing and wrote my first “book” at age 14. I would have loved to make writing a career, but there was college, then a job and marriage, and children. It wasn’t until I lost my 3rd job to down-sizing in 2014 that I decided to try wring again. I wrote the first 6 books of “The Necklace” series in 3 years which I thought would be the end of the series. But then I decided to take my two main characters, James and Susan, further back in time to 1815 Regency England and had a good time writing another 3 books that took place in that time era.

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