Ah. It’s a beautiful day here in Minnesota. Kind of like the day I imagined way back on Monday.

There’s a nice breeze. All the windows in the house are open and there’s no AC humming in the background. I love it when I can hear the outside sounds. Okay, I’m a city girl so that includes the sound of tires over the road, the electric hum of utility wires, people on their walks in conversation, loud mouth barking dogs – including mine who thinks he owns this stretch of sidewalk. Don’t even think of walking anywhere he can see you. Excuse me while I use his fullname and order him down from the window. Not working - have to go pull him down and threaten a time out. There – works everytime. But I digress…

So, fresh air’s my thing. The sky is pure blue. From where I sit I don’t see a cloud in sight. The leaves on the trees are still a vivid green and I’m okay with that. I love summer when it’s like this.

Simply beautiful.

I have to leave for a moment but I’ll be back to do more than reflect on the day.

BTW, Bonnie you asked some great questions. You’re making me think!

And you want more, do you? What do you think of reading the excerpt to show just how the friendship between Elizabeth and Paolo began? I’m thinking I might just post it later today. 🙂

I’ll see you in just a bit!


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