So I’ve shared some personal details, and 4 excerpts from my latest book, When a Wolf Howls.  I never set out to write a series.  I just plan to write one book.  But as usual, I grew so fond of the supporting characters, that I wanted to give them each a romance of their own.  I’ve already got the contract for the sequel, which the editor is calling a saga, because it continues the love story between Saoirse and Diego, as well as the one between Freddie and John–but it also includes romances for 2 of the other supporting characters from the first book.

This is my last post.  I’ll still be checking in regularly, to respond to any comments. But I’m hard at work combining 2 of my books previously published separately, into one long book with 2 parts.  I need to get that done, so i can get it up at Smashwords. I also have 2 stand-alone books that need some work, but I will re-publish them also,

Then there are other books I need to work on.  I have a couple in varying degrees of completeness, languishing in my laptop.  I also have a few new ideas, that have been patiently waiting until I’m done with getting all of my orphans re-published.

So, ta-ta for now, everyone.  Enjoy the rest of your day! And remember, an e-book a day, keeps boredom at bay!

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