Thomas knows that Rosalind is a woman with a wanton past. She does not share his faith and as his neighbor's bondslave, she is socially beneath him. He sill wants her. Desperately. However, his own idealism will not let him have her.

In the Puritan society, sex outside of marriage is not only a sin, it is a criminal offense punishable by severe fines and/or brutal whipping. The only way that Thomas and Rosalind can be together is through marriage. Yet Thomas' view of marriage is one of piety and purity, like the marriage he shared with his late wife, Patience. For her sake, he abstained from passion in the marriage bed.

But Rosalind knows a secret about his marriage. And she's about to  risk danger and ruin to test her theory. As a former actress and lady of the night, she knows how to play the seductress.

Will Thomas be able to resist her?


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Seemingly unaware of him and lost to her enjoyment, she laughed again. And that did it. His cock became so rigid that his arousal was agonising.

However, this wasn’t simply lust.

He loved Rosalind. He adored the nut-brown freckles that spattered across her cheeks as summer days grew long and hot. The way tendrils of her bright hair constantly escaped her cap to flutter about her face and the way they grew frazzled on rainy days. The curve of her smile and the timbre of her voice and the lazy sway of her walk. He knew all about her, what she’d been—an actress, a woman of easy virtue. It didn’t matter. She captivated him. He couldn’t even imagine marrying anyone else.

Nevertheless, Rosalind was not the wife for him.

He loved her, aye with every breath he took he loved her more but in all the wrong ways. To even think of wedding her—after the pure, pious love he’d shared with Patience—was a sacrilege.

How could he even think of making a former actress his beloved daughter Hannah’s stepmother?

God save him. His past was full of sensual, sinful decadence. He’d filled his time with nothing but transgressions before Patience had saved him with the example of her steadfast faith and love. He had been so inspired by her. By the peace her religion gave her. He’d been blessed with his conversion experience, changed forever.

Until now.

Dear God, he was lost without his Patience. 

And never more lost than here in the moonlight, alone with Rosalind. Just a fortnight away from leaving to teach at Harvard College in Cambridge village—he’d almost escaped unscathed.

He took a step towards Rosalind. Then another. Then several more.

She turned. Her eyes, glittering in the moonlight, caught his. She stopped, her hips in mid-sway. She backed away, watching him, her eyes growing wide. Dark brown velvet eyes framed by delicately arched brows. Tonight, those orbs were deep and smoky, almost black. He couldn’t tear his gaze from hers. A dry-mouthed, pulse-pounding apprehensive excitement possessed him. A sense of inevitability.

Dear God, he was falling. Falling into sin with her.

Her thick lashes swept down over her eyes, the dark auburn crescents looking purplish in the moon’s light, and a slight smile curved her lips. His focus dropped where her breasts rose and fell quickly, their tight, pink peaks straining against the gossamer shift.

She didn’t attempt to cover herself but kept her hands to her sides. That surprised him. However, he’d not been out of this sport so long that he misunderstood. It was clearly an invitation.

Temptation pounded through his blood and, with every beat of his heart, increased the pulsation in his cock. She was lust incarnate.

His body trembling with hunger, he fisted his hands.

He would not succumb.



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