Hi everyone–

I'm Tara Lain. I write the beautiful boys of romance. Yes, i love my intelligent, independent heroines but i'm a real sucker for my gorgeous guys. They drag me around and get me to write stories i never even imagined.

I started a book, my first one, a couple years ago about an older woman scientist who falls in love with her younger research partner. I thought the young science hunk lived with his girlfriend, but nope, it turned out to be his boyfriend! In one swoop i was not only a menage writer, i was a M/M menage writer. Yikes. That book is called Genetic Attraction. Then the two men demanded i tell their story, how they met and fell in love before my lady scientist was in the picture. Bingo, The Scientist and the Supermodel was born.

And now  — ta da! — the gorgeous brother of my scientist who plays pro soccer gets his own book. It's called Deceptive Attraction and i'm celebrating its release. Here's a nibble:

Caleb Martin faces a life crisis — and he’s pretty embarrassed about it. A talented soccer star, he has the chance to sign a lucrative five year contract and be rich and famous. Two problems — Cal is gay and signing the contract means he has to stay in the closet, maybe for life. Plus, he’ll have to spend his years diving for soccer balls when he’d like to be helping people like the rest of his family. A one-night stand with a beautiful man rocks Cal, but the guy vanishes only to reappear where Cal is house-sitting. Too much coincidence? And then a cute tomboy throws Cal’s life choices into confusion. How could he wind up with a commitmentphobe and a woman dedicated to her work in Africa? Oh yeah, and then there’s a big surprise in a snowstorm. Cosmic joker strikes again.

I AM GIVING THIS BOOK AWAY ! LEAVE COMMENTS ON ANY OF MY POSTS to be entered in the grand prize drawing on Nov 20. Plus You could win a T-shirt just for commenting today.  Grab some coffee and let's hang out together!  :  )

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