You know, dang it there’s one thing I’ve forgotten. See I told you it was dangerous for me to start thinking.


There I go plotting out TNC, The Narcissus Complex (see the post about three below this for details) and, whammy, you know this is a ROMANCE.


I’ve forgotten to tell  you all about the hero.




Well Tricia, the heroine, has the serious hots for this rather hunky looking sex bomb called Garren. In spite of the oppressive culture Narcissus V has for the male population Garren has a reputation for being a strong and passionate leader amongst the men. He’s the one who instigated equal rights for men, and it’s his organization that is being usurped and used as a destructive tool by the aforementioned lunatic with the very huge bomb. Of course he’s crazily in lust with Tricia but has to keep his hands and his wotsits to himself or face losing them as punishment for breaking the male fraternization laws. Can we say Ouch!


The thing is, hmm, how can I put this? He has this friend…


Hey, you guessed! I DON’T KNOW HIS FRIEND’S NAME.

All I know is his friend is quiet, studious and the one who takes Garren’s hairbrained schemes and helps make them into a success. Loyal to a T, Garren’s friend has risked his life many times to prevent Garren losing various bits of his manhood in the out of the way schemes they’ve tried. Of course Garren’s faithful flunky, and Tricia’s faithful flunky are loony-mad for each other (even though they have no way of getting together alone, they do try. Well, Tricia’s flunky tries the most… lol )


So what do you say guys? Same rules as last time. Gimme some names for Garren’s friends. I’ll throw a name for everyone into the pot and a lucky winner will get either the signed copy of Poseidon VII or if they have it and really don’t want another one a 10 dollar gc. And, of course, if the name is lucky enough to be selected by a refined committee of critiquers and accepted by the editor, it will appear in the book. Whatdya think. Wanna give it a go.


If so throw the ideas up in the comments section here. And, again, you’ve got until midnight EST on the 10th April so you can take a bit of time and even encourage your friends to join in.  Hey, let’s get this party a hopping.



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