I was surprised to read that the woman who writes such funny and sexy romances once considered herself serious and shy. I guess it is true what they say about the quiet ones. She has always loved to write, from the essays assigned in school to the wonderful books we can’t get enough of. She is a graduate of Penn State and a former journalist. She is married to Robert and they have four sons and three grandchildren as well as some pets. I know how it feels to have a German Shepherd as big as a horse. Her writing is always full of humor and sizzling love scenes and I always find myself half in love with her heroes at the end of each story. I love the way her characters always triumph over life’s trials with love and humor and I always look forward to the next novel with anticipation.

I just love this series and am so happy to read another one. Each book just keeps getting better and better, and I will never get tired of Ms. Hill’s Cajun country and its unique inhabitants. Angel and Grace are not members of the family or native to the area, but it is soon apparent that they have been adopted by the family and get roped into all of the bizarre adventures that surround the nonagenarian and her friends and family. The subplots of the Duval family and Andrea Fletcher add much to the story and it is fun to read about the heroes and heroines of the previous books. Thank goodness for big families, it looks like this series will be going on for a while.

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