I’ve been very lucky and had some lovely reviews for ‘Starquest’.  It’s always great when a reviewer ‘gets’ your book, and such a relief when it’s your first ‘baby’ and you’re not sure how it will be received.  

“I must say that Starquest takes the reader onto an awesome galactic journey. The characters are strong and convincing. Jess is a courageous woman who brings so much life to the story. I love her bravery and determination. One will not find a dull moment with this story; it is loaded with action from beginning to end. With secrets, passion and an incredible amount of trust, Jess, Kerry and Dahll learn quickly the true value where the heart lies. Hywela Lyn weaves a romance that is truly out of this world, as the reader grasps hold and hangs on tightly for the exciting ride of their life. Be captivated by what the wonders of space have to offer in an amazingly wonderful story.”

Cherokee, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
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5best_book2The lovely, lovely descriptions never slow the action, but   manage still to convey emotion and carry the narration forward. This is an incredibly original tale, and  for all the science fiction trappings  is truly a classic quest for love, and the romance, which at first seems very much at the periphery, will become not only a primary motivation, but the chief joy of the tale. Adventure may be the main motif, but the heartwarming side will be a surprising bonus.”
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“Starquest is a fantastical journey about one
strong, brave, and independent woman’s search for love that will take the reader to places they’ve never imagined and reveal insights we all know deep inside.  I lost myself for hours in her action-packed adventures, and knew that when the book ended, she had indeed succeeded in her quest to find the one true home for her heart.”

Liana Laverent award-winning author of Thin Ice and Jake’s Return

“Get ready to travel the galaxy and visit worlds beyond your
wildest imagination.  Hywela Lyn’s, Starquest is an extremely engaging read simmering with passion, bold exploration and non-stop action.  With an interstellar romance that will keep you guessing until the end, this novel is a true masterpiece!”

Author Sky Purington
The Mac’Lomain series

 “If you thrill at the concept of space travel, or crave breathtaking adventure, want to partake of intense conflict with fighting bad guys, and–as an extra plus–discover your one true love, then look no further than Starquest. The descriptions of other worlds is so vivid you’ll actually believe you’re there. All the different species of “aliens” are so striking you’ll think you’ve entered the “bar” of Star Wars! Hang on for the ride of your life as you travel the stars aboard the Quest. You don’t want to miss this one.”
Best Selling Author Miss Mae
‘See No Evil My Pretty Lady

5.out of 5 stars Wonderful read!

For those who love a great sci-fi adventure story, ‘Starquest’ by Hywela Lyn is the read for you! Besides adventure, the heroine, encounters a sweet romance with a satisfying, surprise ending. Loved it!

Susan McCatee  

Paranormal/Historical romance author

“unfolding before your eyes is a heroine, Jess, who captivates your heart totally. Brilliantly written, the story weaves smoothly through past and prsent, drawing you into her emotions, the people she encounters, and bonds made. Every page and every minute spent reading is an enjoyable one.”
‘RacheA Reader

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