That's what my heroine Paula Holliday told me. After three books in which she worked in her garden, barely combed her hair and never wore anything sexier than painter's pants she'd had enough! Yes, she solved a few crimes and stumbled over a couple of dead bodies in earlier books like Pushing Up Daisies, The Big Dirt Nap and Dead Head. But she wanted some REAL excitement.

So I sent her to New York City, got her a slinky red dress and that's when her adventures really began. My latest boo k (and three lucky reviewers can win copies just by commenting) is called Slugfest and it's set at a legendary northeast flower show where more than just the plants are dying.

Paula's there to help a reclusive artist exhibit his works but she unwittingly holds the key to the identity of a young man recently found floating in the Hudson River. 

Suddenly Paula has three men pursuing her – but one of them is a killer.  Can she run in heels?

Laced with lots of humor, Slugfest has been called "Hilarious" (Kirkus Reviews) and "a real winner, 4.5 stars" (RT Book Reviews)

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