22097086.jpgMy dear Jenna, to give birth to someone, or something, normal, is not always in the cards.  What chance do they have in this day and age?  And in your daughter’s case, her mother is running around gigging frogs while braless.  Do you feed her boyfriends frog’s legs and skinned meat?  I can picture you pounding your chest with your fists at the supper table.  “ME JENNA.  MOM TO …(enter daughter’s name here)”  “COME EAT”15334023.jpg

I’m sorry… couldn’t resist.  Makes a good picture, though, doesn’t it?  You really can’t control their moods any more than we can control ours.  I mean, don’t you have days when you want to pull your eyelashes off one by one, just to see things more clearly?  Or dye your hair green just to get a reaction?1822948.jpg

I would love to have my husband come home to me wrapped in saran wrap without running to get help.  He would certainly think I lost my mind.  We older women (you’re not there yet, but it’ll come) still feel young inside.  Deep down, my breasts are firm.  You know what my husband said to me last night when I tried to ‘flash’ him?  “I never noticed your breasts were so loose before.  Were they always like that?”

AHHHHHHHH.  HELLO!  Thanks for nothing!  Would you like to comment on my stretch marks and cellulite too?  Perhaps offer to iron me out?  I will never flash him again. 

Good luck with your writing, Jenna!  Before leaving us, is there anything else you’d like us to know about you, or your writing?  Don’t hesitate to post – we’re loving it!


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