No Halloween-esque blog is complete without Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse series. Most of you probably know True Blood (HBO series) is based on this series of books. Now, as big as fan of the show as I am, I love the books better. Charlaine takes the reader into Sookie’s life. I prefer the in depth view. It is the way all of the elements of the stories come together that makes me beg for more books.

Sookie is a waitress as Merlotte’s in Bon Temps. She lives with her Gran. She has a brother, Jason, who… (pg-13 blog, hmmm…) likes the ladies. Her best friend is Tara, a woman who doesn’t tolerate stupidity well and will express her intolerance often. Sookie’s boyfriend was a vampire named Bill, though in the latest books, her boyfriend is a shifter. (See what I mean about covering the entire Halloween theme?) Did I mention Sookie is a telepath?  The fun happens when Sookie’s life begins to evolve into something that is bigger than she ever imagined. There is plenty of action and adventure and blood for everyone.

There are 9 books so far (the ninth one comes out this month).

Charlaine Harris’ site

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