21717558.jpgFor two things:  One, for calling him your husband (clapping for you on your decision) and two, for the computer troubles I’ve been having and couldn’t respond to your blog.

So, there are brothers in the midst.  Doesn’t matter if they’re single.  I didn’t want to date them – just use them for about … an hour.  Yes, that would be a welcome change (looks over shoulder to make sure hubby is not around). 

Sounds like suspense is your thing.  Do you like to read this type of book too?  And if so, what is it about suspense that draws you to it?  For me, it would the idea of murdering some poor bastard who deserved it (only doing it on paper).  Like the guy who cuts you off in traffic… or the person forgets to put cream in your coffee… Okay, I’m a little dramatic.  I don’t really want to kill these people – but if I could do it in a book, great.  I applaud your skin of writing.  I would like to try one day, but let’s wait until they can make pigs fly.  From what I understand, there is an entire world out there waiting for that day!! 

A long straw for vodka?  I will see what I can do.  How about you swim in a stream of it with a big cup?  That would be good.  However, don’t go near a waterfall because I can’t catch you.  Nor am I a good swimmer. 

Thanks for bloggin with me this week!  If there are any final thoughts for us readers, let me know! 


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