Why is it we have to wait until spring to clean?  Do we not do it the rest of the year?  Or is it like quitting smoking – better off to set a date so we have to follow through with it?

 How scary is spring cleaning.  I mean, here are these dust balls (or bunnies if you prefer…..don’t want to be gender specific) that have been there so long they have set up camp under our beds, in our closets, etc.  I’m sure by now they’ve considered this THEIR home and not mine.

And the yard.  Ugh!  I swear, the neighbors must come over at night and spread the leaves from the fall over my yard.  I cleaned them all up before the snow came, yet they’re back, with a vengeance.  Could it be they’re like a soap opera villain?  If you don’t see a body, they’re not really show? And even then they’ll find a way to make it back onto the show – or, in this case, my yard. 

This is the time of year where we hang out our sheets, snap the winter blues out of our clothes and towels and, a BIG gulp here, try on that bathing suit that has been hanging in the closet (or folded in a drawer, whatever).  Mine calls to me, taunting me in my sleep.  “Your boobs will never fit in me…..mwhaaaaaaaaa” or “You’ll never get away with putting a shirt over me….I’m still there, holding in all the fat”.  And, my personal favorite…….”Hey Tubby!  Come on over and try me on for a laugh”.  I swear it has a personality of its own.  Please, let me go back to the day when we weren’t allowed to show much skin, if any, when sitting at the beach.  I’ll leave that for another blog.

Kids are usually home around the spring time too, aren’t they?  Do they help with the cleaning, or are they more of a hinderence?  I remember when my kids were younger, the only way to get rid of their toys is to do it when they’re away or in school.  You can’t let them know what you have in the bag, because suddenly that toy they haven’t seen in six months is their favorite and how dare you throw it away?  You’re a traitor to their toys, blah blah.  Thank you Disney and Toy Story for THAT one. 

Have a great weekend, all.  Easter will be upon us soon enough.  Here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail……..hippity hoppity Easter’s on its way……



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