Who is Lady Pelra? There is the physical description: slender build, long blond hair, strong hands from driving a wagon. And attractive enough she caught Leod’s eye.

Leod shifted to the approach that had bedded him many a fair maiden. “Then may I have the honor of this dance? A man only has the opportunity once in his life to have such a beautiful companion, let alone one bard-trained.”

The slight tightening of her lips gave Leod little insight into what he had said wrong. Still, he held the smile that had won over so many women.

His target still didn’t submit. Instead, she gave a slight shake of her head. “I appreciate the compliment. However, I am quite content where I am. Maybe you should return to the dance.” Her head-to-toe scan of him added to the fire building under Leod’s skin. “There should be someone there suitable for you.”

One of the more challenging parts of writing Windmaster Legend was creating the character of Pelra. First there was the dichotomy of being a leader. Her rank as sub-commander did not detract from her femininity, skill as a fighter, or leader of men. Like Ellspeth, Pelra had a creative side. Both were skilled musicians with the flute as instrument of choice. Another similarity between the two women was their skill as a composer. Both could have been master bards and each had to make a choice. Their chosen profession and loyalty to their house or giving their life to the study of music.

However, like Ellspeth who fought a fate ordered by prophecy, Pelra and Iol’s connection was not love at first sight. One of the fun things of writing the story instead of the legend was that as the characters revealed their tales, it turned out Iol was not Pelra’s only possible suitor. She had to choose between Conall, the journeyman bard with whom she shared a love of music; Eirik, a chieftain’s son; and Iol

And although he isn’t pictured, Ensign Iol of the House of Cszabo also needs to be acknowledged.

While they were from opposite trading guilds, and Pelra preferred to command on land whereas Iol wanted a ship of his own, they did have some similarities. Like Pelra, Iol Is a skilled musician, small guitar, didn’t study because loved the sea and couldn’t have two careers that would require a lifetime of study;

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