Okay, what is up with the young stars these days?  They’re partying, irresponsible, ignorant, and proud of it!  I recently read an article where one young star – and I won’t name her – mentioned how she finds it so hard to have friends because she’s too beautiful, too popular…….too modest I think.  She also said that she finds news stupid and a waste of time, that people who act in comedies aren’t real actors…..has anyone told that to Jim Carrey yet?  Cause I’m thinking he’d like to know he needs a new job.  She proceeded to ramble on about how she loves smoking weed and can’t wait until it’s legal so she can go out and buy her first pack…….and there was plenty of profanity to accompany this article.

Well….first of all I’m thinking this girl needs a good dose of reality.  That in the grand scheme of things NO actor is perfect – no actor/actress above a heart surgeon or the war veterans – people who really mean something in life – people who are saving lives and giving of themselves not for money or fame.  Well, some are in it for money but you know what I mean.  At least at the end of the day they’re still someone to be proud of, someone to look up to……but these kids that are in the media?  God help our own children and grandchildren – they don’t have a chance to be normal because there are so many mixed messages.  So many people wearing their pants too low and the crack of their ass hanging out – so many girls showing things that we don’t need to see.  And they’re not attractive – they’re easy.

What is wrong with this society?  When did it suddenly become cool to be a slut and an imbecile?  When did it become right to put your face out in public and show the evil side?  My children were brought up in a household where they respected their parents, their peers, and their community. Are they perfect?  Of course not.  I’m far from perfect – but we are only as good as we do.  So to shoot your mouth off and show the world that you think you’re hot **** – let me enlighten you. The only thing you are is sad……and you have my sympathy.  Just stay the hell away from the cameras and my children. 

Have a good one!

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