Are we not unappreciated?  Do we not work just as hard, or harder, than the average person?  I swear, I was more tired and less apt to have energy in the evening while I stayed at home – than I ever was working.

At least when you’re at a job you have coffee breaks, lunches, people to talk with and adult stimulation!  My goodness!  Men really have no idea what we women do while staying home.  I used to hate it when my husband would come home and expect the house to be spotless, when there would be two children running around messing it up behind me.  Or when he would ask where his shirts are and ‘why aren’t they clean?”

My son and I had a long discussion the other night after watching a show where a woman stayed home, and I told him if I ever caught him disrespecting his wife, or telling her she wasn’t good enough, smart enough, or cleaning enough, I would not only kick his ass from here to Timbucktoo (whatever), but that I would post his naked baby pictures on the internet for all the world to see!  And he knows I mean it! 

Dr. Phil was on today (cut me some slack, the kids are grown and I had an hour to kill) and there was a husband there who said if his wife worked for him, she would be fired.  Hello!  The poor woman spent the majority of their marriage PREGNANT.  Funny he doesn’t seem to think twice about hoping on for a ride every now and then!  Guess that would mean she was sleeping with her boss.  What a pr**k!  Man, wouldn’t you like to leave him alone with the kids for a week and see how well he does.  My husband sees that type of show on and leaves the room.  Guess he knows he’ll get an earful if he even attempts to comment on what’s going on!

I swear, this world that we live in is a selfish one.  Think of the days when women stayed home and tended to the kids, the house, the fields, and still managed to have sex with her husband.  No wonder pioneers were so damned skinny!  I am lucky to have enough energy to wipe my arse at the end of a good day.  Well, now I can.  But when I had kids they would follow me to the bathroom and pull up a chair.  Guess I was like a live show. 

So hats off to you women who are staying at home, raising the future generations.  Don’t get me wrong – you women who work are to be commended to. I’m not one of those people who thinks women should be home.  I believe it’s a personal choice and if you can work and want to work, I think you’re wonderful and work hard too.  I don’t know how you do it either! 

This day and age sometimes you HAVE to work, I was lucky enough to stay home.  It’s what I wanted to do and wouldnt’ change a thing about it now.  But if you find a job you love, your children are not going to suffer because of it.  As long as you’re happy – they’ll be happy.

Have a good one!

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